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fine art by ANN CLOETE

Acrylic Paintings By South African Artist, Ann Cloete

Ann’s style is exuberant and expressionistic, as can be seen in bold strokes and vibrant colours.

In some works, paint is applied thickly onto the canvas with brushes, palette knives, and a variety of tools. In other cases, acrylic inks, glazes, and metallic paints are sprayed with an airbrush to produce random effects.  

Texture is often created through the use of pebbles, sand, and sea shells.

Wall Panels By South African Artist, Ann Cloete

Included in a commission for the Zandibela Game Lodge, completed in 2009, are several heavy cement wall panels.

The work involved both sculpting and moulding. DALA glazes and inks were used, together with products by CEMCRETE.

‘If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.’

Edward Hopper